Thai Fish Cake Burger Patties (Frozen) (GF)

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You won't believe it's not the real (fish) deal!

Three Thai Fish Cake Burger Patties that you can have your way.

Take a great burger bun and lightly toast. Add a touch of sesame dressing, baby spinach, crunchy Asian salad and top with the Thai Fish Cake Burger Patty. Top with a glug of Sweet Chilli Sauce and the burger bun top. OMG .. I'm gettin' hungry!!

Or pop them on a plate with some salad and rice for a super satisfying and healthy meal.

Thai Fish Cake Burger Patties are delivered frozen in a pack of three. For best results, heat gently from frozen in a warm frypan. Eat as a burger or with a side salad and rice for a delicious meal.

Please note: Thai Fish Cake Burger Patties are sold in a set of 3. Salad, sweet chilli sauce and burger ingredients are not included.

Ingredients: Tofu; Vegetable Oil; Green Beans; Spring Onion; Cornflour; Vegan Curry Paste; Coriander; Chilli Sauce; Ginger; Flaxseed; Vegan Fish Sauce, Lime; Lime Leaves; Dulce Flakes.

Nutritional details per 100g: Energy (kJ) 648; Protein (g) 5.35; Fat, Total (g) 11.2; Fat, Saturated (g) 0.9; Carbohydrate (g) 7.37; Sugars (g) 1.8; Sodium (mg) 242.8.