Vegan Mama Shipping & Delivery: 

Vegan Mama delivers to most addresses across the greater Sydney region. Not sure if you're in our delivery zone? Click here and see a comprehensive delivery zone list. And everywhere we deliver to will be charged a flat shipping rate of only $12.00 At our checkout, you may not see the delivery rate but we guarantee you that you will only be charged $12 :)

Orders received by midday on Monday will be delivered to your doorstep on Wednesday.

Click here to see a list of all the Sydney suburbs we deliver to.

Vegan Mama meals are delivered to your door in a insulated foil recyclable cardboard box with accompanying reusable ice chill pack to keep your food cool for several hours. We don't want those yummy meals to spoil, so it's super important to be able to connect with your delivery as soon as possible so that you can whisk them off to your refrigerator and freezer to keep them chilled till you're ready to heat, and eat them. If you won't be home to receive your meals, please ensure there is a safe, cool spot our delivery person can leave your meal box. 

If you live in a security apartment block, we would love to send our meals to you but often our couriers will not leave parcels where they believe it is not safe. We suggest you have your meals delivered to work or a friend's home or give clear instructions as to where to leave your order.

Where and when your meals will arrive:

Vegan Mama meals will be delivered by courier on Wednesdays normally between 1:00pm and 5:30pm.

We'll send you a reminder closer to the delivery day, however we cannot determine exactly what time your delivery will arrive due to courier schedules and Sydney's wonderful traffic which we cannot control. 

How your goodies will arrive:

We are excited to be transitioning to our new home compostible packaging. 

During the transition you will be receiving a reducing range of meals in the heat sealed zip lock pouches and more and more of your meals will be arriving in the carbon neutral Biopak containers made of reclaimed and renewable sugarcane which are certified home and commercially compostable. If you don't have access to composting then rip them up and put them in the red bin but please don't put them in your yellow bin as they will contaminate your recycling.

Remember our silver Chilltainers are recyclable as are the small containers your little extras come in.

If your delivery has been damaged during freight, please let us know immediately and we'll endeavour to rectify any issues.