Healing Tumeric Curry (Frozen) (GF)

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Perfect for fighting those winter chills!

Vegan Mama's delicious new curry, Healing Tumeric Curry, is super delicious. Eggplant, tofu & chickpeas sit in a juicy sauce of tumeric, ginger, lemongrass and chilli and balanced out with some creamy coconut milk. Served with Jasmine rice .. this is one healthy tasty curry that is sure to become a Vegan Mama customer staple.

Order by 1pm Monday along with a selection of our other delicious meals and we'll deliver to your home or office on Wednesday.

Ingredients: eggplant; jasmine rice; tofu; chick peas; coconut milk; chillies; garlic; ginger; lemongrass stalks; turmeric; vegan stock; olive oil; shallots; vegan fish sauce; sugar.

Nutritional details to follow.

Like all of our other meals, this meal will be served in our earth friendly packaging because we care about the planet we inhabit.