Beet & Ginger Thai Soup (Frozen) (GF)

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Did you say super food? Antioxidants??

Look no further than Vegan Mama's super-healthy, super-yummy Beet & Ginger Thai Soup!

Delicious Thai herbs flavour this amazing bowl of health. Enjoy it with some crusty bread or crackers and add a little coconut yoghurt to make it even more deliciously creamy!

Ingredients:beetroot; potatoes; vegetable stock; onion; vegan fish sauce; green chilli; olive oil; lemongrass; red chilli; galangal; palm sugar; garlic; soya bean oil; salt; shallot; cumin; coriander seed; sugar; coriander root; kaffir lime leaf; yeast extract; garlic; ginger; salt

Nutritional details to follow.