Baked Butter Tofu Paneer (Frozen) (GF)

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Vegan Mama's latest addition is a butter paneer dish that packs a punch!

Baked Tofu Butter Paneer is not like your ordinary store bought butter (chicken) dish. It has zing, and it has heat!

Combining oven baked tofu and a tomato based butter sauce made with cashew cream and an array of aromatic spices, this delicious meal will leave your tummy and your taste buds super satisfied.

Order by 1pm Monday, along with a selection of our other delicious meals, and we'll deliver to your home or office on Wednesday.

Ingredients: tofu: tomatoes; cashews; water; cornflour; nutritional yeast; ginger; garlic; lemon juice; green chilli; olive oil; sugar; bay leaf; garam masala; paprika; salt; tumeric; cayenne pepper; cinnamon

Nutritional details to follow.

Like all of our other meals, this meal will be served in our earth friendly compostable & biodegradable packaging because we care about the planet we inhabit. ♻️