Firstly, we just want to say thank you for checking out Vegan Mama and for eating plant-based meals!

Here at Vegan Mama, we don't want to hurt animals or the planet, but we still want sophisticated and delicious plant-based meals!

Life is busy. Vegan Mama is here to give you a break from the kitchen routine. If you're following a vegan lifestyle, you don't need to scan the ingredients with Vegan Mama, because all of our meals are 100% plant based with no dairy and no meat in sight!

Vegan Mama for all:

Whether you are a vintage vegan or a newbie, or need some tempting plant-based meals for vegan teenagers or newly turned vegans, Vegan Mama's mission is to deliver fabulous, fresh meals right to your door. And if you're not vegan, we hope our meals will provide you with the incentive to eat meat-free for at least a few meals a week, if not altogether.


As a young vegan business, we aren't able to remove all ingredients that may compromise allergies and intolerances such as gluten, soy and nuts. We include a detailed ingredients list with each product listing, however our meals are prepared alongside other meals so at this time, we are unable to guarantee that meals will definitely not have traces of various allergens. We 're hoping to improve our capabilities shortly so that we can provide a larger variety of meals which are safe for our allergy-affected customers.

Portion Sizes:

We offer three portion sizes from our fresh meal range so that we can leave you satisfied and to make sure there's no food wastage. Meals from our freezer come in an individual portion size so they can be defrosted as you need.

Small is great for lunches or light dinners; Medium is perfect for couples who like it light, or customers needing a little bit more to satisfy their tummies; Large is just that little bit extra - you might have an extra mouth to feed, or like the idea of leftovers for lunch :)


Place your order by midday on Monday for delivery within Sydney on Wednesday.


In a perfect world, we'd be dropping off your meals in hand made ceramic bowls from a lovely little woven carry basket covered with a cotton cloth to keep them warm, but obviously ... that's not about to happen! Struggling with the polystyrene foam vs recyclable cardboard, and (potentially leaky) sugarcane pulp packaging, we are currently packaging our meals in plastic containers and airtight stand up pouches until we can source a more ideal, planet-friendly solution.


Please see delivery details on our delivery page.

We really hope you enjoy Vegan Mama meals and we welcome your feedback. In the unlikely event that you're not satisfied with our vegan meal service, please send us a message and we will endeavour to rectify any issues.